President: Professor Dr Daniel Louw

Daniel LouwUntil his retirement in 2010, Daniel served as Professor in Practical Theology, and Pastoral Care and Counselling, at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He remains a member of the University's Faculty of Theology.

Alongside his academic life, Daniel has been active as director and founder of the African network for Higher Education and Research in Theology and HIV, established with the University of Makumira, Tanzania, the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology in Addis Ababa and the Swedish church. Through liaison and networking with theological institutions in Africa, its task is to offer professional training to ministers and pastoral care workers in such a way as to link theological education and community development, attending to the impact of context and interculturalization. Daniel was elected as Vice President of ICPCC at the 2007 congress and as President in Rotorua, 2011.


Vice President: Professor Dr. Takaaki David Ito

img-Takaaki-David-ItoDavid is the Professor of Spiritual Care at St Andrews, Momoyama Gakuin University, Japan.
David was elected to the Vice Presidency in Rotorua, 2011. He was Co-ordinator of the 10th Asia-Pacific Congress on Pastoral Care and Counselling, held in 2013 in conjunction with the 6th annual meeting of Japan's Society of Spiritual Care, in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, location of the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 2011.



Secretary & Interim Treasurer: Dr Ulrike Elsdoerfer

img-UlrikeUlrike is lecturer in Intercultural Dialogue of Theology of Religions with a particular focus on Spiritual Care, at the Universities of Frankfurt/Main and Heidelberg, Germany. She is a freelance journalist for the Frankfurter Neue Press.
Experienced in Supervision, Counselling and Consultation, Ulrike has worked in Hospital chaplaincy and Education in Pastoral Care and Counselling. She has published in the areas of Inter-religious understanding, Ecumenism, Christianity and Islam, Gender, Human rights, Counselling and Social work.




Public Relations & Communications Officer: Jenni Wegener       

Formerly the ICPCC secretary, Jenni has taken up the role of Public Relations & Communications officer for ICPCC since the Rotorua Congress. Jenni is a Clinical Pastoral Educator within the Association for Supervised Pastoral Education in Australia Inc (ASPEA Inc) and the Australia & New Zealand Association for CPE (ANZACPE). Jenni is a Trainer Supervisor with the Australiasian Association of Supervision, a member of the International Association of Self Psychology, and has a private practice in clinical supervision and psychotherapy/counselling. Previously Jenni has worked within Hospital Care and Chaplaincy departments, most recently as Co-ordinator of Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy and Director of Clinical Pastoral Education at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria.